Bouldering Circuits

The Bouldering Wall

The Black Circuit

15 problems             Font 3 – 4

Featuring holds from Core, TW and King Kong

The Green Circuit

15 problems         Font 4 – 6B+

Featuring hold from Axis and TW

The Blue Circuit

15 problems         Font 5+ – 6C

Featuring hold from Holdz, Enter Prise and TW

The Yellow Circuit

20  problems         Font 5+ – 7A+

Featuring hold from Holdz and Stone Smiths

The Red Circuit

15  problems         Font 7A – 7C+

Featuring hold from Axis Round Edges, Entre Prise and X Cult

The Pink Circuit

15 problems          Font 4 – 6A+

Featuring holds from Holdz and Stone Smiths

The Purple Circuit

15 problems           Font 5 – 6C

Featuring holds from Captain Crux, Lapis, Bleaustone and Stone Smiths

The Spotty Circuit

15 problems           Font 6A – 7A

Featuring holds from Holdz

The Orange Circuit

20 problems           Font 6B – 7B

Featuring holds from Stone Smiths, Lapis and Bleaustone

The LED Moon Board

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