Bouldering is the fastest growing sport in the U.K. It is low level technical climbing above safety matting.
Sunderland Wall provides an atmosphere of safe fun that kids just love and you’ll struggle to drag them out!

Gecko Club teaches children from the age of 3 years up to 7 years how to climb safely. If you are interested in bringing the children to Gecko Club, the session run every Saturday and Sunday morning

Saturday and Sunday

10:00  –  11:00

11:00  –  12:00

£5.00 for 30 minutes

£8.25 per hour

5 x 1 hour pass £35.00

Rock Monkey Club

If kids want to experience the fun and excitement of climbing (up to and including our massive 23 metre lead wall) then this is it !

Rock Monkey Club teaches kids all the necessary rope work and movement skills to climb safely in a fully supervised environment.

Sessions last 1½ hours on weekday and 2 hours on weekends, and are for children aged 7 – 15 years.

A certificate of achievement is available when following the NICAS structured training program.

All Rock Monkey sessions require booking in advance. Book by calling 5144234


Monday  17:00 –  18:30

Tuesday  17:00  – 18:30

Wednesday  17:00  – 18:30

Thursday  17:00  –  18:30

£8.50 including equipment hire


Saturday 10:00  –  12:00

Saturday 14:15  –  16:15

Sunday 10:00  –  12:00

Sunday 14:15  –  14:15

£10.00 including equipment hire

Free membership is included in both Gecko and Rock Monkey Clubs. Children joining the clubs must become members after their first visit. Parents are required to stay with children until they become members.