The FUNdamentals Workshops are taught at indoor climbing walls and designed for anyone who currently coaches climbing, or aims to coach and wishes to develop their coaching skills.

For example you may:

  •  currently hold a governing body award such as SPA, CWA or MIA and wish to develop your coaching skill
  •  assist in climbing coaching in your school, scout group or voluntary organisation and wish to develop your coaching skills from scratch.

The aim of the FUNdamentals Climbing Workshops are to make climbing coaches aware of

  • climbing movement principles at the FUNdamentals stage and
  • coaching techniques that can be used to develop these principles

The FUNdamentals Workshops will be delivered by Andy Swann on the following dates:

  • FUNdamentals 1      25th September 2017
  • FUNdamentals 2      26th September 2017
  • FUNdamentals 3      2nd October 2017

The BMC charges attendees £90 for non members  or £75 for members.

There is a maximum of 10 people for each workshop

If you are interested in attending these workshops please let us know as soon as possible. Give us a call on 0191 5144234 for further information.